What is tufting?

You’ve probably seen it pass by on Instagram or Tiktok. Someone creating a carpet with some kind of gun. This technique is called tufting. Tufting is a textile craft in which, using a tufting machine, loops of yarn of wool or acrylic of all colors are pulled through a cloth to make a rug. Think of it as a kind of portable sewing machine.

Tufting machines

Tufting machines have been around longer than the social media trend, for over 15 years these machines have been used in factories in India and China to make traditional carpets. And since the 2020 lockdown, people around the world have embraced this craft to make beautiful rugs at home. Thanks to our cooperation with TuftingEurope you will use tufting machines of the highest quality during the workshop.

Tufting is not only a creative outlet, but it can also have a big impact on the look of your interior. Tufting allows you to create unique rugs that are not available anywhere, and that perfectly suit your style and taste. Think iconic cartoon heroes or logos, for example, as well as original artwork. The rug can serve as a statement piece and breathe new life into a dull space. It also provides warmth and coziness in the home. With a handmade rug, you not only have a work of art in your home, but also a unique decorative piece that you can proudly show off to your guests.

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