Need inspiration? 9 popular topics for tufting

Be inspired by the great tufting ideas of your predecessors and follow your own creative path! Here are 9 trends to get you started!

  • Abstract designs: Transform your space with timeless abstract design tufting. Express your creativity and enjoy the contemporary beauty. Discover the art of abstract tufting now and give your interior stylish allure!
  • Animal prints: Animal prints can come in all sorts of variations. Many people combine it with a style they think is cool, and of course you can play with colors a lot. A big tiger head or a beautiful elephant is bold on the wall, right?

  • Geometric designs: For those who love sleek and stylish, you can choose the geometric designs. Make a fat chessboard or an infinity track!

  • Cartoon Characters: Cartoon characters are perhaps the most popular category of all! Find nostalgia with a very fat Pikachu or create a modern version of Lucky Luke! You can really go in all directions.
  • Logos: Bape, Nike, Off White, KAWS, Gucci or Aime Leon Dore! It’s all possible. Choose a bold color combo so you can make it personal and turn it into a rug!

  • Landscapes: Not the easiest but one of the most challenging categories. How fun is it to recreate the ski mountains you’ve been coming to all your life in outline in a carpet?

  • Flowers: Who doesn’t know Takashi Murakami’s smiley flower? Fortunately, this category is not just for hypebeasts, you can create beautiful designs of any flowers you can think of.
  • Word Art: Get creative with pretty color combinations and a bold font! This is a recipe for a very bold rug that you can keep in your home for a lifetime!
  • Original artwork: are you really creative yourself? Then just go make something of yourself, draw it mirrored on your canvas, and make a rug out of it. Why not?

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