Design rules at tuftlab.

At Tuftlab, you may provide your own design. Like your favorite cartoon, album cover or a homemade artistic drawing. We would like to say: anything is possible! Still, we have some guidelines to make your visit a success. After all, it’s your first time and we want you to go home satisfied. Therefore, we have some rules and tips to help you.

It’s also helpful to see what other Tuftlab visitors are making. Click here for rugs from others – to get the expectations sharp about what is possible on such a day.

At Tuftlab, we use the colors below. Useful to consider in advance for your design.

1. Don’t go too complex.

Remember: it’s your first time.

Don’t choose a complex design with tiny details, dozens of colors and sharp shapes. This will take even the most experienced tufter several days, not suitable for the one-day workshop. The most beautiful rugs shine through their simplicity. With few different but splashy colors and distinct large shapes.

2. No photorealistic designs

Tufting does not give the same result as printing a photo on paper. Every stitch is handwork, don’t make it impossible for yourself!

We can’t help turning realistic pictures into a simplified cartoon. But do have a tip! Find a simplified cartoon-like design by googling terms such as vector or cartoon such as “cartoon cat” or “vector monstera leaf.”

In addition to tufting, we spend time on a beautiful finish. The edge of your carpet can still be quite a challenge if there are things sticking out like thin tails or whiskers. When in doubt, share your design with us for advice.

Simple shapes such as square, rectangular or round rugs are recommended for beginners. An additional edge can reduce complexity. Or place your design in a circle, rectangular or square frame. See the example below with the duckling’s sharp protruding crest.

4. No letters.

Text in a design should be rejected by definition because it is very difficult for a beginner to make fine lines with a tufting machine. Words and letters have great importance in detail because otherwise you can’t read it. It is still a handmade carpet and for us it is important that you walk out the door happy.

Exception: designs with only simple, large letters with no additional details. See examples below. You can create these with an online tool such as this name generator .

5. Make sure the image is from the front.

Send an illustration or photo that is easy for our teachers to draw over. Photographed from the front, not at an angle or from a side.

5. We do not make copies of original art within the tuft community.

We recognize the unique work of tufting artists who earn their income through platforms like Etsy. Copying of their designs during our workshops is not allowed out of respect for their creativity.

What if I don’t know it yet while booking?

No worries! You can book the workshop without sharing a design right away. You can still share your design with us up to 3 days in advance. That way we have enough time to give advice on whether it will work. (Though we’d rather have it sooner than 3 days in advance).

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